A perfect winter day

Luke and I took a magical trip to Kent today. We saw the majestic Kent Falls frozen over, and a mile-long ice jam on the Housatonic River.

I am obsessed with frozen water. It’s fascinating how it it forms into crystals and icicles. I love how it clings to rocks and leaves. It transforms a drab winter landscape into a magical fantasy world.

It’s the first time in living memory the Housatonic has been blocked with ice like this. Huge chunks of ice are covering the whole river. Apparently, the ice is about five feet thick. The river flowing under it is far below. Water levels have dropped due to the tributaries being frozen. The ice is unlikely to move until we have a good stretch of warm days and the river level rises to carry the ice away. The Housatonic takes a sharp turn just above Kent, then flattens out so the river is barely flowing through town, which caused the ideal conditions for the jam after days of negative temperatures.

The private Kent School nearby is closed due to the river flooding its banks earlier and turning the parking lots into ice rinks.

Kent Falls is a sight to see in the wintertime, with the water rushing down through chunks of ice and icicles hanging off the rocks.

I highly recommend taking a day trip out there before it all melts.