I’ve always been fascinated by this time of year – the time after the snow has melted, but before the first shoots have poked through the thawing soil. Everything is still, waiting for the temperatures to warm, for the rains to fall, for the green to return.

The decaying leaves lie wet on the cold earth, the discards of a season gone by. 

Everything appears to be dead, dormant. And yet, just beneath the surface, the seeds are starting to germinate. 

I shot these portraits in Connecticut on holy Saturday, the day, they say, between when Jesus died and was resurrected. The oft-forgotten day between Good Friday and Easter. 

It’s a time for reflection, for anticipation, for sadness and joy.

Thank you to the wonderful hair and makeup artists at Bar Beauty in New Haven and my beautiful muse, Rachael, of Accessory to the Bride wedding planning for making this fine art portrait photoshoot possible.