When my beautiful German sister came to visit me in March, she had just cut her hair in solidarity with her friend who had cancer. I took her out for a photo shoot at Topsmead State Park in Litchfield and though she looked gorgeous, she said she didn’t feel like a girl with her hair short. So the next day, I pulled out this amazing vintage dress I had picked up at a tag sale, gave her a flower ¬†headband and a bouquet and we went out again, this time to Hubbard Park in Meriden. No one can doubt her femininity now! I love her both ways, in her jeans and boots and all dolled up in a long flowing dress. The thing I love best is her infectious smile and her kind heart that moved her to cut her locks in support of a friend. Happily, her friend is in remission now and Nadi is growing her hair back out.